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America's Most Popular Artist - Terry Redlin

Terry Redlin, America's most popular artist for 8 years, proclaimed by the U.S. Art Gallery magazine, is also listed as one of the top collectible artists in a recent issue of the same magazine. Redlin's prints portray nostalgia, Americana, wildlife and landscape themes. New prints by Terry Redlin are marked in orange when we add them to the site.
    On June 28th, 2007 Terry Redlin's retirement announcement appeared in the Watertown Public Opinion stating he was retiring from painting. The article also states: 
There are many Redlin signed print editions that are still available  ..., but there will be no new paintings or additional prints that are signed, effective immediately.

ridlin prints His prints are available in a wide array of sizes, prices, or finishes. 

  • American Portrait Series - 18" x 32", signed & number (3500). A collection of seven prints built around "heartfelt firsts". It is a tribute to America and Redlin's way of honoring Servicemen, Servicewomen, Veterans and their families.
  • Calendars2017 Wall Calendar now available and the "Seasons to Remember" Perpetual Calendar. No 2005 calendar was printed.
  • Christmas items - Includes Illuminated retreat Christmas ornaments (Christmas tree balls), collectible Christmas plates, collectible snowmen and sculptured illuminated Christmas tree (SOLD OUT) and Christmas wreath (SOLD OUT).
  • Christmas plates by Terry Redlin - 2016 Christmas plate
  • Christmas prints - 14" x 24", open editions and some signed and number editions. A new Christmas print added each year. Why not treat yourself to one of these lovely nostalgic prints of a past Christmas. New print added 11/15/16
  • Collector plate series - 25th Year Anniversary Plate, the Upland Game Series Plates and the Whitetail Deer II Series plates. 
  • Discontinued items - gift items discontinued by Wild Wings. Still interested? Call Allen at 1-877-223-5721.
  • Elite Edition prints - 14" x 24", open edition.  These prints are offered in large size format at an attractive price. Terry Redlin's signature is printed in the image area. Americana art it's best. 
  • Encore Canvas Editions Now on Sale! - 14" x 24", open edition. Classic images produced in canvas. They capture the richness and the texture of an original oil painting on canvas. When framed, they do not require the protection of glass.
  • Encore prints - 10" x 18", open edition. A great value-priced series. At 10" x 18" unframed, they are still not too large after framing for display on almost any wall. They  make excellent Christmas gifts, wedding gifts, or office art. 
  • Encore I prints, 8" x 14", open edition. These are very early Encores. Titles are: Apple River Mallards, Autumn Shoreline, Old Logger's Trail, Over the Blowdown, Sweet Memories and  Together for the Season.
  • Gift Items include: mugs, sculptures , clocks, sportsman signs, accent lamps, etc. 
  • Horizon Collection Prints8" x  27", open edition. These horizontal prints, excerpted from previous Terry Redlin releases, are  resized and formatted in a panoramic style for you to enjoy. Great for that odd horizontal wall space where you would love to have a print. 
  • Legacy Canvas Edition prints - 22" x 37" (size of oil painting), signed and number (500). The ultimate in high resolution canvas reproductions sized to the original oil painting.
  • Limited Edition prints18" x 32", signed and numbered - These titles available in a limited number of prints and not reprinted when sold out. Numbers can vary from 29,500 to 9,500, etc. The sizes of older limited editions also vary. The newer ones seem to have standardized to 18" x 32".
  • Museum Canvas Collection - 23" x 39 ¾" - open, unsigned editions. These look like an original canvas painting without the cost. 
  • Personal Linen Design Series (3 series), all open editions, are VERY affordably priced preframed prints featuring Terry Redlin's new "Linen Design." The images are re-created to simulate an original oil painting. They come to life with intensive color and depth. Perfectly designed for the small wall areas you have that just asking for a grouping of 2, 3 or 4 prints. 
    • Master Classic Series - 21 1/2 x 31" - Series no longer available since 10/15/04. 
    • Collage Linen Series - 12 x 8 1/2"- framed with title. (previously known as Personal Collage Series) The Personal Collage Prints are not currently available.
    • Master Stroke Linens - 12 3/4 x 18 1/2" - Special Country Doctor Series  $264.95 (4 prints - House Call, Morning Rounds, Office Hours, Prairies Skyline)
  • Pinnacle Collection Prints - 11" x 20", open edition, Vertical Encore images. Affordably priced. A format that may fit that odd vertical space you've been looking for a print for. 
  • Two books containing many of the prints in these series are

We've listed the various series with a short descriptions to help you choose which series might hold just the right print for you. Some prints appear in more then one series. If you don't see what you need, please contact us with your request.
redlund Call today, 507-223-5721, to place your order, or, use our email order form. We take Visa or Master Card via personal contact. We'll contact you to finalize the framing. Your print will be on it's way to you as soon as it is framed.
redland Just a thought -- a print from anyone of these series would make a great, wedding or anniversary gift, birthday gift, Mother's Day gift, Father's Day gift, or Christmas gift. Plan ahead to have that gift ready for the special occasion. We can ship direct so the gift arrives just in time for the "special day," or, "gift certificates" are also available which allows the recipient of your gift to choose the print. We'll do it your way -- just let us know.

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