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Personal Collage Prints
featuring Terry Redlin's Personal "Linen Design"

The Personal Collage Series prints, 12 x 8 ", uses the new "Linen Design" which allows an image to be re-created to simulate an original oil painting. These images come to life with intensive color and depth that only the "Linen Design" can offer.
The Personal Collage Prints are not currently available.

 The titles in this collection are: Rusty Refuge: Rusty Refuge IRusty Refuge IIRusty Refuge IIIRusty Refuge IV,  Doctor Series: [Office HoursHouse Calls,   Wednesday AfternoonMorning Rounds], Spring MaplingNight MaplingBest FriendsLifetime CompanionsEvening SolitudeMorning Solitude, Evening with FriendsTrimming the TreeTwilight TimeBountiful HarvestSunset HarvestOur FriendsThe Colours of Spring, Sweet MemoriesClose to ParadiseToasting MarshmallowsNatures Sentinel, Evening FrostFamily Time,  Social HourEvening RendezvousSpring MorningLazy AfternoonSpring on the Green. Be sure to click on the thumbnail prints to enjoy a larger version of each print. Watch for new images to be added.

  • All prints are open editions.
  • Images are framed with a title. Information about the print is included on the reverse side of the print.
  • They come packaged in a decorative box that makes them a great gift choice too.
  • These were designed for the smaller / intimate wall area you have. We're featuring two series of 4 images below that would each make a lovely grouping of four.

 $35.95 for a single print. Save by buying a grouping of four for $136.95. To hang one, or more, on your wall:

Rusty Refuge Series
Both the farmer and pheasant are immigrants to America. Man and his tools arrived from Europe. The ring-necked pheasant was imported from China in the late 1800's.
 The two first met as civilization crowded into the wild. They contested briefly and then slowly learned the art of accommodation.
 Today, farmer and wildlife live in harmony, and with mutual respect. Their relationship is of special dimension. It is based on a deep understanding that the well being of both is subject to the same capricious forces.

Personal Collage Print "Rusty Refuge I" by Terry Redlin
Framed size, 12" x 8 "

1. "Rusty Refuge I"
- A trio of ring-necked pheasants find shelter in the lee of an old potato digger.

Personal Collage Print "Rusty Refuge II" by Terry Redlin
Framed size, 12" x 8 "

2. "Rusty Refuge II"
- Curious pheasants inspect a discarded two row corn planter with missing fertilizer head.

Personal Collage Print "Rusty Refuge III" by Terry Redlin
Framed size, 12" x 8 "

3. "Rusty Refuge III"
- It is one of those almost perfect winter afternoons. The wind is stilled, and the warm sun reflects up from the bright snow cover. In this peaceful setting three ring-necked pheasants have found the ideal roost. A long ago farmer has left his worn out wagon by the side of the road. It is only a skeleton now, but serves as a poignant reminder of people and their dreams passing from the land.

Personal Collage Print "Rusty Refuge IV" by Terry Redlin
Framed size, 12" x 8 "

4. "Rusty Refuge IV" -
The low winter sun casts long shadows as this pheasant pair skirt an abandoned tractor.

The Country Doctor Series

A place of Quiet Healing in these beautiful paintings Terry Redlin remembers a nostalgic piece of Americana that disappeared many years ago. It was a time and place where the healing power of the country doctor was just a short buggy ride away. The doctor was on a first name basis with everyone for miles around. He cared for them from the day they were born, through teenage years, then nurtured the children they bore. The country doctor was devoted to his profession, his community and a way of life that now lingers only in our imagination.
Personal Collage Print "Office Hours" by Terry Redlin
Framed size, 12" x 8 "

5. "Office Hours" -
Regardless of weather or hour, the country doctor was always on call." On this crisp winter evening he's attending a patient in the upstairs bedroom. His transportation quietly waits below, tethered to a bucket of sand, the doctor's convenient traveling hitching post. The illness we hope is minor and, after dispensing both physical and and verbal medications, he will return to the warmth and security of his own home.
Personal Collage Print "House Calls" by Terry Redlin
Framed size, 12" x 8 "

6. "House Calls"
- It's Wednesday afternoon, traditional "time off" from a country doctor's busy schedule. The fishing pole was strapped to the buggy before leaving home in the morning. The baskets of produce, barter payment from his morning patients, will provide refreshment for the remainder of the day. Perhaps the doctor will stop to wet his line at the stream just ahead, or continue on to the secluded lake just beyond the distant hills.
Personal Collage Print "Wednesday Afternoon" by Terry Redlin
Framed size, 12" x 8 "

7. "Wednesday Afternoon"
- After completing the day's rounds, the doctor has returned to his office to pick tip messages, finish necessary paper work and plan tomorrow's schedule. The horse, too, is at the end of a tiring day and waits patiently for the short trip home. Other villagers have retired for supper, but the bank owner will return soon to take in the flag. The distinctive church is re-created from an actual structure near the artist's boyhood home.
Personal Collage Print "Morning Rounds" by Terry Redlin
Framed size, 12" x 8 "

8. "Morning Rounds"
- The rural doctor at the turn of the century did not work a nine-to-five job. Like the farmers he served, breakfast was before sunup and work already started as morning light broke over the horizon. But a country doctor's demanding schedule offered clear advantages: the regenerative powers of solitude and nature, regular visits with old friends and the satisfaction of knowing efforts were appreciated.

Last print in the Country Doctor series.

Terry Redlin's "Spring Mapling"
Framed size, 12" x 8 "

9. "Spring Mapling"
- On this bright spring day the Canada geese are headed north, but have dipped low for a close inspection of a circa 1900 "sugar shack."

Terry Redlin's "Night Mapling"
Framed size, 12" x 8 "

10. "Night Mapling"
- During the long evenings this deep woods "sugar shack" is the center of much activity. Outside two curious white-tailed deer have been attracted by the lights and are tempted by the sweet, still running maple sap.

Terry Redlin's "Best Friends"
Framed size, 12" x 8 "

11. "Best Friends"
- At sunset the man and his best friend have driven to the crest of the highest hill around. They've had a good day of hunting in the lakes and marshes below.

Terry Redlin's "Lifetime Companions"
Framed size, 12" x 8 "

12. "Lifetime Companions"
- After hours of hunting, a father and son rest on the hillside as the retreating sun burnishes the landscape with its golden rays. They are hidden from the approaching geese by an old wagon.

Terry Redlin's " Evening Solitude"
Framed size, 12" x 8 "

13. "Evening Solitude"
- These campers have just arrived and rest in their tent, far from the tensions of modern civilization.

Terry Redlin's "Morning Solitude"
Framed size, 12" x 8 "

14. "Morning Solitude"
- It's that magical moment in the deep woods when the morning sun first slices through the thick underbrush to cover the landscape with its warm rays.

Terry Redlin's "Evening with Friends"
Framed size, 12" x 8 "

15. "Evening with Friends"
- On this peaceful winter evening, a 1930 vintage sedan with headlights ablaze has finally reached its destination. The occupants will be visiting with old friends in the cabin.

Terry Redlin's "Trimming the Tree"
Framed size, 12" x 8 "

16. "Trimming the Tree"
- In this festive holiday scene, we can almost feel the crisp winter air, hear the children's gleeful shouts, and share in the excited anticipation of arriving visitors.

Terry Redlin's "Twilight Time"
Framed size, 12" x 8 "

17. "Twilight Time"
- The long day of hunting in nearby sloughs and lakes is over. The party has returned to the Lakeside Lodge and is inside resting, taking on refreshments and perhaps telling a tall tale or two.

Terry Redlin's "Bountiful Harvest"
Framed size, 12" x 8 "

18. "Bountiful Harvest"
- The fields have yielded a bumper crop this fall, and the local grain elevator is crowded with trucks and trailers waiting their turn to unload.

Terry Redlin's "Sunset Harvest"
Framed size, 12" x 8 "

19. "Sunset Harvest"
- As the combines slowly rumble through the field, two rows of corn stalks are left standing.

Terry Redlin's "Our Friends"
Framed size, 12" x 8 "

20. "Our Friends"
- In the soft light of the farmyard, we see an orphan dog has wandered into the farm and lies nestled down, half hidden among the established brood of pets.

Terry Redlin's "The Colours of Spring"
Framed size, 12" x 8 "

21. "The Colours of Spring"
- As the setting sun bursts through dense foliage, the colors of spring are beautifully illuminated.

Terry Redlin's "Sweet Memories"
Framed size, 12" x 8 "

22. "Sweet Memories"
- The Palace of Sweets, a neighborhood store specializing in tempting treats for kids was an actual location in Terry Redlin's youth.

Terry Redlin's "Close to Paradise"
Framed size, 12" x 8 "

23. "Close to Paradise"
- "Who is closer to paradise?" asked Terry Redlin. "Is it the man and his canine companion who have found this secluded fishing hole?

Terry Redlin's "Toasting Marshmallows"
Framed size, 12" x 8 "

24. "Toasting Marshmallows"
- In the crisp winter air, Children's voices mix with the aroma of toasting marshmallows and the crackle of a glowing bonfire.

Terry Redlin's "Natures Sentinel"
Framed size, 12" x 8 "

25. "Natures Sentinel"
- In the crisp winter air, Children's voices mix with the aroma of toasting marshmallows and the crackle of a glowing bonfire.

Terry Redlin's "Evening Frost"
Framed size, 12" x 8 "

26. "Evening Frost"
- The dropping evening temperature has turned the moist air into a frosty white wonderland, with every surface sparkling in the moon's bright beams.

Terry Redlin's "Family Time"
Framed size, 12" x 8 "

27. "Family Time"
- Three generations of the same family gather together on this spring morning for a relaxed day of fishing.

Terry Redlin's "The Social Hour"
Framed size, 12" x 8 "

28. "The Social Hour"
- Across the river at the Lakeside Conservation Club the party is in full swing

Terry Redlin's "Evening Rendezvous"
Framed size, 12" x 8 "

29. "Evening Rendezvous"
- Several people have already reached Rendezvous Point and set up camp.

Terry Redlin's "Spring Morning"
Framed size, 12" x 8 "

30. "Spring Morning"
- Here in a cathedral of over-arching trees, near altars of sweet smelling flowers, young students and their teachers consult the health of the river's newly flowing waters.

Terry Redlin's "Lazy Afternoon"
Framed size, 12" x 8 "

31. "Lazy Afternoon"
- As the geese head for the cornfield behind the farmhouse, only the beating of their wings breaks the silence.

Terry Redlin's "Spring on the Greens"
Framed size, 12" x 8 "

32. "Spring on the Greens"
- The artist's first golf scene, this image is reminiscent of many courses across the country.

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