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Calibrate Your Monitor for Optimum Viewing Pleasure

Have you notice the colors on your monitor are a little darker then usual? Or, are the colors washed out?
image Visitors on occasion have suggested our prints do not look the best on their screens. I wish I could say that everyone will see them as well as we do but that is not possible. By nature PCs display images much darker and Macs display them much lighter. With some correction in Photoshop after scanning the image we try to optimize it for the middle ground between these two types of computers hoping that most of our visitors are able to see the prints of these artists come alive on their screens. The culprit is the gamma setting which is different on the PC and the Mac. If you're really interested, you may wish to check out this article on monitor Gamma.
calibration Although we can't do more than we already have with the Gamma in our optimization of the prints, we can provide a couple of links that may help you calibrate your monitor. You may have calibrated your it when you first purchased it but now that it is has been running a few years you may need to reset it again. This is something that we can help you with. Use this link to adjust your monitor. Read down a ways until you reach a black and a white strip. This is what you will use to adjust the brightness and contrast of your monitor. The text by these strips will tell you what to do. You can also download and try the free program, NTEST (or NTEST, second site), that Nokia offered in the past. It will generate test patterns to help adjust convergence and other monitor properties. It is highly recommended as some of these setting also affect how you view images. It is easy to use once you install it. Simply extract the zip file into a directory of your choice and a Nokia Test directory will be created. You can run the program directly from the directory or make a shortcut to NTEST.exe and run it from where ever you wish.
    If you are using one of the new monitors from 2004 or 2005 you may want to check out this site created by Norman Koren with information on a new software program called QuickGamma. Scroll down it's near the bottom of the page. You will find other useful information along the way.. It's excellent in helping to set your monitor for the best viewing. Very easy to use. Koren has provided the calibration for the software. The site also provides information on scanning, digital pictures, etc.
monitor calibration Karin and I hope this information will be useful. If you find it to be, please share the information with a friend. Enjoying the images on the web is a great part of surfing the web. We're happy to help enrich your surfing experiences. BTW, when you're done calibrating your monitor be sure to view the prints on our site with a new "eye."

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 Calibrate Your Monitor


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