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Giclee Prints in the Art World

The Newest and Best in Reproduction Artwork—Giclee Prints

Giclee (pronounced like zhee-clay) prints are transforming the art world, putting fantastic recreations, limited, and mass-production prints in the hands of art galleries and art lovers everywhere.

What is Giclee Printing?

Giclee printing is a newly developed technique for re-creating artwork in mass quantities (or limited quantities, as controlled by the artist/owner).  Giclee printing is a modern, superior way to reproduce artwork with unparalleled precision and clarity. Giclee prints can be made of any type of printed-based media, including all types of drawing, inks, paintings, and even digitally produced graphic works.

Giclee is a French word that means (roughly) "to squirt". The term has been adopted to name this new art reproduction method, the technique of which is, in essence, technologically controlled "squirting" or air painting.

  • Giclee prints are made using high-quality ink jet printers.
  • First, high-resolutions scanners are used to create a computerized optical version and transparency of the artwork.
  • These scanners capture every nuance of color and texture and portray it in the newly produced print.
  • During the printing process, millions of ink droplets are sprayed onto the media source at the rate of approximately 4 million per second.
  • Base media for giclee prints may include cotton-based fiber papers, canvas, watercolor or fine art papers, or other media.

Advantages of Giclee Printing for Reproductions

Giclee prints simply are the next best thing to original artwork. Giclee prints offer a number of advantages, including:

  • Giclee prints have none of the lines, dots, or other imperfections of lithograph prints and other reproduction techniques
  • Giclee colors are clear and of space-age technology; no other method of reproduction can compare to the color closeness of a giclee print
  • Giclee prints can be produced in any quantity, and 'on-demand'
  • Giclee prints can last up to 125 years—far longer than what is offered via photographs or other print reproduction techniques
  • Giclee prints make fine art prints far more affordable, as the method is much less cost prohibitive than limited artwork reproductions and/or original works of art
  • Works can be archived and reproduced, so even if an original becomes damaged, a giclee print can still be produced

Superior Technology for Superior Reproductions

The scanners and printers used in the creation of Giclee prints are not of the average variety; only professional-grade printers are used to produce true Giclee prints. Only a handful of printer manufacturers produce these printers including Epson, Hewlett-Packard, and Cannon.
The inks used in giclee printing are far from typical as well. Giclee inks are light-fast and of archival pigments.  These technologies, coupled with precise application droplet by droplet, produce a fine quality print beyond compare.

In the art world, Giclee has come to be the name in artwork reproduction techniques.  As giclee prints continue to improve with technological advancements, the popularity and demand for these prints seems to be infinite in potential; for the most accurate and highest quality reproduction artwork, only a giclee print now will do.

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