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Charles Wysocki enjoyed the time he spent in New England. So much so that he painted a number of prints in the "Olde New England" Series. They continue his whimsical Americana themes. We have these prints available:   Checking in on Olde Martha's VineyardMoonlight and Roses in Olde MaineOlde Cape Cod  and  Olde Nantucket. Olde Bucks County (1994) is another print in the series.  If one of these prints is not the print you're looking for, please give me a call at 1-507-223-5721, I'll be happy to help you locate what your looking for.
    To see a complete list of all of the Charles Wysocki prints we carry, visit our main Charles Wysocki page or use the side menu.
   The Wysocki prints are either:  a limited edition, signed and numbered (s/n) print, or open edition print. Prices vary by availability of the prints. 

   Prints are framed (sample) in a hardwood complemented by a color coordinated double mat. Glass, backing, and hanger finish the framing package.
    Call today, 507-223-5721, to place your order, or, use our email order form. We'll contact you to finalize the framing. We take Visa,  Master Card, or Discover Card via personal contact. Your print will be on it's way to you as soon as it is framed.










Do you love olde New England?
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Charles Wysocki's "Moonlight and Roses in Olde Maine"

This print has been hand signed by Charles Wysocki's wife, Elizabeth Wysocki.

"Moonlight and Roses in Olde Maine"
Charles Wysocki

Image Size:
22" x 30"
2,500 s/n

$220 print
$460 framed print

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2004 - "What a delightful interlude with nature I found in this region of my dear olde Maine. Just one of many remote and scenic inlets, this snug harbor and all its surrounds are bathed in a moonlight that enhances the rich, dark colors, textures and movements here. I clearly recall the hiss of bacon and eggs frying and the enticing aromas of fresh perked coffee and pancake batter smacking the grill inside Rosie's.
   Rose Edweenah Cramer offers just one marvelous meal--breakfast--served all day long. If she's up to it and feels your friendly vibrations, she might just sing and whistle a brief merry tune to accompany your simple menu selections. I invite you to lose yourself in this romantic scene and allow it to soothe your soul as it does mine."

Charles Wysocki's "Olde Nantucket"

"Olde Nantucket"
Charles Wysocki

Image Size:
22" x 22"
1,500 s/n

$200 print
$385 framed print

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2001 - "For more than a century Nantucket Island was the most famous whaling port in the world. When you spend time on Nantucket, you can feel a special underlying melancholy rumbling with maritime history. It seems to enfold new treasures to paint with each visit. The venerable dunes, beaches, old salt air bleached houses, heather and sweeping moody skies are irresistible to me. Uncharacteristically I left out human beings in "Olde Nantucket" and concentrated on just nature's varied, intimate offerings."

Charles Wysocki's "Checking in on Olde Martha's Vineyard"

"Checking in on Olde Martha's Vineyard"
Charles Wysocki

Image Size:
16" x 33"
1,500 s/n

$200 print
$390 framed print

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2001 - "Years ago in a brisk late October, my wife and I made our first trip to New England, which included a pleasant ferry boat trip to Martha's Vineyard. Little did we know that the island had recently been under the siege of a hurricane devastating much of its grandeur Leafless trees, high winds and oncoming threatening skies framed the continuing script of our three day stay. It was wonderful! We happily swallowed up the gloom, tickled to travel the island, walking the streets and beaches, under the constantly rolling dark clouds. It lent a mysteriously romantic aura to our vacation. We just love those dark windy moods of Mother Nature as well as her bright sunny ones. In the evening after dinner, I settled in with Daphne du Maurier's "Jamaica Inn," which added extra atmosphere to my minds attic and thoughts rose of someday recapturing this marvelous feeling on canvas. P.S. We never did have much use for umbrellas."
Charles Wysocki's "Olde Cape Cod"
"Olde Cape Cod"
Charles Wysocki

Image Size:
21 1/8" x 32"
2,500 s/n

$220 print
$460 framed print

email order form

1995 - "I've made many trips to beautiful New England. I have spent considerable time on this ultra-charming peninsula. It immediately transports me back in time due to its seemingly never-changing character.
    Like an old pair of shoes I feel the age and comfort of this unspoiled yesterday; a feeling 1 hope I've conveyed in this capsule portrait of a tum-of-the-century small town.
    The relaxed easy-living, peace-of-mind attitude was uppermost when I planned this impression, along with possibly affording you a few smiles."
    "Become a member of The Olde Cape Cod Charles Wysocki Nincompoop Pipsqueak and Silly Twerp Society (which is without dues, meetings or embarrassing rituals) by buying this fantastic print. Look closely and you may even find the entrance." - Charles Wysocki
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