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Charles Wysocki Christmas Prints
of Nostalgic Americana Scenes

Nostalgic Americana Christmases of the past are a favorite theme of several Charles Wysocki prints. His work is a celebration of bygone days. These are the prints in his Christmas Series. The linked titles are prints we offer:
  • Cape Cod Christmas (1982)
  • A Warm Christmas Love (1984)
  • Twas' the Twilight Before Christmas (1987)
  • Christmas Greeting (1989)
  • Jingle Bell Teddy (1990)
  • Whistlestop Christmas (1991)
  • Small Town Christmas (1994)
  • Christmas Eve (1999)
  • Take Out Window (open edition) (2000)
  • Cocoa Break at the Copperfields (2003) - This is one of the legacy prints. It was not originally included in the Christmas series but we did see it mentioned as a Christmas Print in some literature so we included it here with an explanation. View it as part of the Legacy Collection.
  • Churchyard Christmas  (2007) is the last of the Legacy Collection prints. We thought it fits here too.

If one of these prints is not the Christmas print you're looking for, please give me a call at 1-507-223-5721, I'll be happy to help you locate the one you are looking for.
    To see a complete list of all of the Charles Wysocki prints we carry, visit our main Charles Wysocki page or use the side menu.
    The Wysocki prints are either: a limited edition, signed and numbered (s/n) prints, or open edition print. Prices vary by availability of the prints. Prints are framed (sample) in a hardwood complemented by a color coordinated double mat. Glass, backing, and hanger finish the framing package.
    Call today, 507-223-5721, to place your order, or, use our email order form. We'll contact you to finalize the framing. We take Visa,  Master Card, or Discover Card via personal contact. Your print will be on it's way to you as soon as it is framed.








Do you love Christmas?
Hang a Christmas print on your wall to enjoy the seasonal all year round.

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Charles Wysocki's 14th Legacy print "Churchyard Christmas"

"Churchyard Christmas"
Charles Wysocki

Image Size:
17 1/8" x 20"
1,250 s/n

$220 print
$410 framed print

email order form

2007 (October 26th) - This is the fourteenth print in the "Legacy Series" of prints. We see the churchyard full of buggies and people coming to attend the Christmas service. In the back of the church the children are skating on the local skating pond.

Charles Wysocki's "Cocoa Break at the Copperfields"

"Cocoa Break at the Copperfields"
Charles Wysocki

Image Size:
15 7/16" x 18"
1,250 s/n

$180 print
$370 framed print

email order form

2003 - Second in Legacy Print Series - New Christmas Print - The children have had a fun time sledding but now it's time to warm up. Taking a cocoa break at the Copperfileds is the perfect way to warm up.
Charles Wysocki's "Take Out Window"
"Take Out Window"
Charles Wysocki

Image Size:
18" x 21"
s/open edition

$175 print
$335 framed print

unsigned/open ed.

$70 print
$230 framed print

email order form
2000 - "Only the Master of Americana with his well developed sense of humor would place a misguided moose munching by the light of a blue moon in his Christmas print. Imagine hanging this delightful bit of capriciousness in your home and collecting compliments year round.."
   Because of Wysocki's death only a limited number of signed open edition prints exist. However, unsigned open edition prints will continue to be available.
Charles Wysocki's "Christmas Eve"
"Christmas Eve"
Charles Wysocki

Image Size:
18" x 21"
5,000 s/n

$175 print
$350 framed print

email order form
1999 - When times were simpler during the holidays!
Charles Wysocki's "Small Town Christmas"

"Small Town Christmas"
Charles Wysocki

Image Size:
16" x 23 7/8"
7,500 s/n

$175 print
$345 framed print

email order form

1994 - All the elements of Christmas in times gone by are found in this print. Click the print to see a larger image and enjoy the lovely Christmas scene.
Just a thought -- wouldn't one of these lovely Charles Wysocki Christmas prints make a great, wedding / anniversary gift, birthday gift, Mother's Day gift, Father's Day gift, or Christmas gift. Plan ahead to have that present ready for the special occasion by ordering today!. We can direct ship for you in time for the "special" day.

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