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Charles Wysocki's cats are the stars of his whimsical cat prints. Even a non cat lover could fall in love with these cat prints. They endear themselves to anyone who see them. Hang one of these cat prints on your wall to brighten all your days. We carry:

Other popular Wysocki cat prints are:  

  • Ethel the Gourmet (1992)
  • Mabel the Stowaway (1995)
  • Maggie the Messmaker (1996)
  • Max in the Adirondacks (1997)
  • Remington The Horticulturalist and Heartland Book (1994). 

If you're looking for one these cat prints, please give me, Allen, a call at 1-507-223-5721. I'll be happy to help you locate the one you're looking for.
    To see a complete list of all of the Charles Wysocki prints we carry, visit our main Charles Wysocki page or use the side menu.
    The Wysocki cat prints are available as: a limited edition, signed and numbered (s/n) prints, or open edition prints. Prices vary by availability of the prints. Prints are framed (sample) in a hardwood complemented by a color coordinated double mat. Glass, backing, and hanger finish the framing package.
   Call today, 507-223-5721, to place your order, or, use our email order form. We'll contact you to finalize the framing. We take Visa,  Master Card or Discover Card via personal contact. Your print will be on it's way to you as soon as it is framed.






Do you LOE cats?
One of these cat prints is purrrrfect for your empty wall.

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Charles Wysocki's "Yarn Duty"
"Yarn Duty"
Charles Wysocki

Image Size:
9" x 20½"
Open Edition
Not hand signed

$70 print
$195 framed print
email order form

2006 - The cats have taken over this sewing table. It also looks like they've had their fun with the yarns and threads. Can you find all the cats in this print?

Charles Wysocki's "Classic Tails"

"Classic Tails"
Charles Wysocki

Image Size:
31" x 14"
Open Edition

$80 print
$255 framed print

Or buy each one

"Frederick the Literate"

"Remington the Well-Read"

"Max in the Stacks"

Image Size:
9" x 12"
Open Edition

$45 print
$125 framed print

email order form

2003 - Wysocki, famous for his cats, has left us these lovely prints as part of his legacy. "Frederick the Literate," (1992)  the first in this grouping now sells for $3600 to $4000 per signed and numbered print when one is available. Open Edition prints for "Frederick the Literate," Remington the Well-Read," and "Max in the Stacks" are value price at $35 for a print and framed at $99.95.
    If you can't decide which of these three titles you like best, now they come as one print called "Classic Tails." For your convenience I've labeled "Classic Tails" so you can easily see how the three prints were combined. To see each one in a larger version you only need to click on the name of the print to the left.
Charles Wysocki's "Too Pooped to Participate"
"Too Pooped to Participate"
Charles Wysocki

Image Size:
17" x 20"
Open Edition
signed print

$175 print
$335 framed print

Open Edition
unsigned print

$75 print
$215 framed print

email order form

1999 - "Our cat Mabel assumes this position from time to time on the rim of our love seat in the den," the artist relates. "I knew I would capture this pose on canvas someday. Her love for climbing trees made her the perfect model for this work Putting her outside, hanging on this limb made a nice silhouette, with the testy mockingbirds upstairs ready to peck and irritate. It was a tempting location for a sleeping cat and proved to be great fun to compose and paint.

Charles Wysocki's "Monty, Minding the Store"

"Monte, Minding the Store"
Charles Wysocki

Image Size:
20" x 23"
6,500 s/n

$225 print
$420 framed print

email order form

2001 - "In this enchanting image, the latest in Charles Wysocki's popular collection of prints featuring family felines, we meet Montana de Oro, nicknamed Monty. Settled in amongst a bountiful harvest at this picturesque roadside stand, Monty, a proud and capable feline seems to be in charge, holding the crows at bay. in reality the good old American honor system is still being practiced here. And Monty will certainly allow that system to prevail, contentedly observing as shoppers stop to select produce for the evening meal, drop payment in the birdhouse and continue on their countryside drive."
Charles Wysocki's "Elmer & Loretta Hangin' out" "Elmer & Loretta Hangin' Out"
Charles Wysocki

Image Size:
20" x 24"
9,500 s/n

$255 print
$455 framed print

email order form

1999 - "Quite at home among bottles, bell jars and bromides are Elmer and Loretta, two discerning felines who've discovered the healthful habit of hangin' out. The proprietor of their cluttered haven is Mr. Clawford Nappscat Tailswisher, and a neat nick he most decidedly is not! Now, Elmer and Loretta have teamed together to create the most contagiously delightful print of the year, and great pleasure has been taken in capturing every imaginative detail of Wysocki's original painting."
Charles Wysocki's "All Burned Out"
"All Burned Out"
Charles Wysocki

Image Size:
20" x 24"
6,500 s/n

$225 print
$425 framed print

Master Canvas Ed.
500 s/n

$1005 framed canvas

email order form
2000 - "In this delightful image, the latest in Charles Wysocki's popular collection of prints featuring family felines, we are invited to pause for a moment in the presence of the serene and inscrutable world of cats. As Max and Remington embrace and bask in the fire's warmth, three mice peer out from the wood pile and from behind the fireplace shoal. These intruders are in no hurry, understanding from precious experience that there will be plenty of time to play and an abundance of warmth to go around."
Just a thought -- wouldn't one of these lovely Charles Wysocki cat prints make a great, wedding / anniversary gift, birthday gift, Mother's Day gift, Father's Day gift, or Christmas gift. Plan ahead to have that present ready for the special occasion by ordering today!. We can direct ship for you in time for the "special" day.

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