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Charles Wysocki

The Master of Whimsical Americana Art
Master Artist by U.S. ART, January, 1999
America's Most Popular Artist by U.S. ART, March 1999
America's top 25 Best-Selling Artists by Decor, June, 2003

Love, patriotism, celebration, and the good old days are vibrant descriptives, of the whimsical and spiritual art of Charles Wysocki.
charles wysocki biographyCharles Wysocki is a prime example of 'The American Dream." A first generation American, Wysocki, of Polish heritage, was born in Detroit in 1928 He describes the early years in Detroit as "tough times" and says, "I didn't have a perfect childhood. Nobody does because it's not a perfect world. I did have a wonderful childhood because I made it a wonderful world."
whimsical american artThe community that Charles grew up in consisted rnostly of immigrants who took great pride and pleasure in celebrating the traditions of their new homeland. These joyous opportunities and celebrations offered by American freedom became the theme of what Charles would remember and portray in his artwork.
charles wysocki biographyWysocki's father never liked the idea of Charles becoming a painter He wanted Charles to be A mathematician. Charles graduated from Technical High School in 1946. He enlisted in the Army and did duty as a sign painter. In 1954, Wysocki enrolled through the GI Bill, at The Art Center School of Design In Los Angeles. After graduating, being somewhat homesick, he returned to Detroit and worked as a commercial illustrator. After a few years Charles missed the beaches, palm trees, and the sunshine of California. He decided to go back and make California his home. Shortly thereafter, he met and married Elizabeth Lawrence.
whimsical american artWhen Wysocki was a commercial artist, he longed for a more creative outlet. In 1960, on a family vacation to New England, his wife urged him to pursue a career in fine art. With his wife's steady encouragement Wysocki started painting He took some of his work to a gallery and was offered a one-man show. Within a month, all of then 40 paintings sold
charles wysocki biographyWysocki says, "This, to me, was America at it's best Breaking away is easier than most people . You've got to love freedom enough to just break away. America guarantees that freedom, the freedom to do as you please. I made my own heaven in America,"
Wysocki portrays cheerful, positive feelings in his work. He always paints clean snow, clean fields, clean skies, not broken-down barns or buildings "There is a positiveness to neat and clean. It is idealistic," he says.
charles wysocki biographyWysocki has many "patriotic credits" to his name. He has been designing and painting an award winning annual Americana calendar since 1971. He contributed his painting. 'The White House Fourth of July Picnic," to the presidential art collection in 1983 during the presidency of Ronald Reagan. In 1987, he was awarded the Medal of Honor from The Daughters of the American Revolution for artwork that "exemplifies our heritage and for the values that have made Our country strong." The Richard Nixon Library's exhibit of Wysocki's work in 1991 drew thousands of visitors . Included in this display was his commissioned piece, "The Young Nixons," and his open edition print, "Home Sweet Home."
whimsical american artUS ART has named Charles Wysocki one of the ten most influential artists since he first entered the print market in 1979.
charles wysocki biographyWysocki is devoted to America and to family life. He and his wife, Liz, have two sons and one daughter. His daughter has graduated from art school, and wants to follow in her father's foot steps. Charles and Liz reside in California. They have a home in Lake Arrowhead and another in the high desert of Joshua Tree. Charles Wysocki passed away July 29th, 2002.
whimsical american artWysocki's love of tradition is also expressed within the pages of his two published books, "An American Celebration" and "Heartland."

Published by Hadley House

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