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Charles Wysocki
Limited Edition Americana Artist

Welcome to the whimsical world of Charles Wysocki. His limited edition prints, with themes of nostalgia, Americana, and whimsy, are an old-fashioned celebration for Americans who cherish their unique heritage. Charles Wysocki, who died July 29th, 2002, was named:
  • Master Artist by U.S. ART, January, 1999
  • One of America's Most Popular Artists by US ART, March, 1999
  • Among America's Top 25 Best-Selling Artists by Decor, June, 2002

    Some of Charles Wysocki's limited edition prints that helped him   win these acknowledgements are found on this page:  Crickethawk HarborIce Riders of Cheaspeake BayLoveRally at Dandelion MillSunnyside UpToying with DinnerYoung Hearts at Sea. Other limited edition titles you'll enjoy are on the menu below. If none of these prints is the one you're looking for, please call 1-507-223-5721. I'll be happy to work with you to locate the print you need.Charles Wysocki americana prints

    If you're wondering when the print you're interested in was originally released, you can check the release dates of prints table. Many of the newer ones we have available. Older works may still be available. Contact us if you're interested in one of these older prints, we can  research the availability for you.
    Prints are either: limited editions, signed and numbered (s/n), or open editions. Prices vary by availability of the prints. Framed sample prints in a hardwood complemented by a color coordinated double mat provide examples of our framing. Glass, backing, and hanger are included in the framing package. In a phone call with you, you can decide on exactly what you want for framing.
Charles Wysocki printsCall today, 507-223-5721, to place your order, or, use our email order form. We'll contact you to finalize the framing. We take Visa,  Master Card or Discover Card via personal contact. Your print will be on it's way to you as soon as it is framed.





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Charles Wysocki's "Crickethawk Harbor"

"Crickethawk Harbor"
Charles Wysocki

Image Size:
20" x 25"
999 s/n

$225 print
$425 framed print

email order form

2002 - A whimsical view of early New England. This print was originally published in the Americana Calendar for May 1988. By popular request is was produced as a print and a canvas print. Call for information on the canvas print. It comes framed.

Charles Wysocki's "Rally at Dandelion Mill"

"Rally at Dandelion Mill"
Charles Wysocki

Image Size:
19" x 22"
1,500 s/n

$200 print
$390 framed print

2000 - "Root beer came on the scene in the early 1870's when Charles E. Hires, a Philadelphia druggist, experimented with an 'herb tea' recipe given to him by a friend. Hires marketed his refined brew on a national basis and is still recognized as the 'father of root beer.' At my last count, there were 1,169 brands available.
   The delicious soda has been my favorite since childhood. I've since swilled many different brands and none can come close to my Aunt Mary's recipe. Her luscious homemade concoction, served ice cold, was full-bodied and thickly foamed. In 'Rally at Dandelion Mill' folks are touting their special different tastes and this is my tribute to the good times of my childhood.
   So, here's a tribute toast with root beer in hand to you and the many mugs of suds along your happy trails."
Charles Wysocki's "Ice Riders of Chesapeake Bay." "Ice Riders of Chesapeake Bay"
Charles Wysocki

Image Size:
17" x 34"
1,500 s/n

$200 print
$390 framed print

email order form

2001 - "For some reason, the daring sport of ice yachting has received very little national notoriety, despite the fact that it has been recognized as a sport in the United States for nearly 70 years. Once I had researched the subject, painting this scene became a pleasant obsession!
Charles Wysocki printsThe development of the ice boat itself is still in what some consider the experimental stage, and handling an ice boat is an art rather than an exact science. The rig scheme depicted here, from the late 1800's, are some very progressive versions of designs by early ice boat sailors. Since the construction of these boats were whims of the innovative builders, I felt free to invent my own crafts. As a contrast to the adventuresome, high-speed ice riding sailors, I included groups participating in less daring pursuits. These ice boaters were considered heroes in their own way, but I am content to be an observer!"
Charles Wysocki's "Love"
Charles Wysocki

Image Size:
16" x 33"
150 s/n

$210 print
$460 framed print
1999 - The Master of Americana captures the warmth and charm of our nations early life in this print. A price on a canvas of "Love" is available by contacting us.
Charles Wysocki's "Sunny Side Up" "Sunnyside Up"
Charles Wysocki

Image Size:
20" x 23"
1,500 s/n

$175 print
$365 framed print

Master Canvas Ed.
300 s/n
20 5/8" x 23 5/8"

$425 canvas
$610 framed canvas

2000 - "Once upon a time many years ago, the noted sculptor Arp Hans made this statement: 'The most beautiful, naturally shaped form is the perfection of the egg.' I don't believe that Iggy have a hoot or a holler about this quote. Ignatius Zaggs and his sons, Zeke and Zeb, are entrepreneurs of Eggsville. They don't care a whit about the artistic aesthetics of a shape. Their only concern is the joyous production and selling, with a smile, a mixed selection of eggs from a variety of their feathered friends. This painting is my creation of a happy man having great fun in his work and family. ... As you can visualize, I really amused myself with this painting. Isn't that really what our work and life are all about? Smile!" -- Charles Wysocki
Charles Wysocki's "Toying with Dinner"

"Toying with Dinner"
Charles Wysocki

Image Size:
22" x 22"
1,500 s/n

$200 print
$390 framed print

email order form

2000 - "The inspiration for this picture came 10 years ago when [Charles] Wysocki found an English biscuit tin shaped like a toy boat in an antique shop. Recently he thought of the little boat as an 'eatery' and went on to paint it sent in snowy Cape Cod named it the 'Seven Sailors.' "Then reality and history were added. The menu holders, for example, were actually banners carried at Abraham Lincoln's funeral."

Charles Wysocki's "Young Hearts at Sea"

"Young Hearts at Sea"
Charles Wysocki

Image Size:
25 " x 17"
1,500 s/n

$175 print
$395 framed print

email order form
1997 - As in other of Charles Wysocki's nostalgic prints, he has included the American flag.

Just a thought -- wouldn't one of these lovely Charles Wysocki prints make a great, wedding / anniversary gift, birthday gift, Mother's Day gift, Father's Day gift, or Christmas gift. Plan ahead to have that present ready for the special occasion by ordering today!. We can direct ship for you in time for the "special" day.

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