Country Art Presents Michael Sieve's

Battling Series
Battling Bucks -- Mule Deer
Third in the 5-print Battling Series

Michael Sieve's "Battling-Mule Deer" - Third in the Battling Series

"For much of summer and early fall, big mule deer bucks live alone or in small bachelor groups apart from the herd. But as the rut approaches, these mature bucks leave their high-country hideaways and head downhill, searching for does near feeding and wintering areas. As breeding activity intensifies, several bucks may find a single estrous doe, and only one buck will win the rights to be her suitor. That's where the lessons of sparring come in - most buck confrontations pass without serious conflict, largely because the bucks have become experts at sizing up a potential challenger.

But when two bucks decide to brawl, the game becomes deadly serious. A mature mule deer buck is an impressive animal who can weigh up to 350 pounds and have heavy, sprawling antlers nearly three feet wide. Like the bucks in this painting, many mule deer fights take place on steep ground, and the buck who uses his strength and the terrain to his advantage is often the winner - sometimes knocking his opponent off his feet or even flipping him on his back. If the loser can't regain his footing and flee, the victor will gouge him with his heavy antlers, ripping his ear, tearing his hide, even impaling his rib cage. While usually short, mule deer fights have the potential to be deadly!"

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