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Nostalgic Americana Christmas Prints

Dave Barnhouse Christmas prints re-create the best of times in his nostalgic Americana depictions of small town America. Celebrations of rural family life as portrayed in these prints convey the comradery central to those who share common interests. We have the Christmas prints with Dave Barnhouse's memories of Christmas past:

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David Barnhouse printsLearning more about Barnhouse was hard. Only one biographical article on Barnhouse was found. It's short but does included Dave's picture. Always nice to see what someone looks like.
David Barnhouse printsDave Barnhouse prints are either limited editions, signed and numbered (s/n) prints or signed only (SO). Prices vary by availability of the prints. Prints are framed (sample) in a hardwood complemented by a color coordinated double mat. Glass, backing, and hanger finish the framing package.
nostalgia art prints, americana art printsCall today, 507-223-5721, to place your order, or, use our email order form. We'll call you back to finalize your choice of framing. We take Visa, Master Card and Discover Card via personal contact at this time. Your print will be on it's way as soon as it is framed.

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"Warmth of Home" by Dave Barnhouse
"Warmth of Home"
by Dave Barnhouse

Image Size
16" x 26"
1,950 s/n

$175 print
$385 framed print

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"It's a few days before Christmas and both the house and shed are appropriately decorated. The temperature hovers around zero. The moon is breaking through the scattered cloud cover casting cool shadows across the snow. Grandpa has just arrived with a trailer full of wood and Grandma offers another child her special hot chocolate. She had better have plenty on hand because, as careful observers will notice, three visitors approach on the distant road. 'Hot chocolate can certainly take the chill off a winter's evening.' the artist comments, 'but we all know that being part of a family, and having friends in the neighborhood, is the real warmth in one's life."
Dave Barnhouse's "An Old Fashioned Christmas"
"An Old Fashioned Christmas"
by Dave Barnhouse

Image Size
11" x 18"
Open Edition

$Call print
$Call framed print

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"A few weeks before Christmas it was a tradition that everyone helped with the decorations," the artist recalls. 'With excited anticipation the kids brought the box of holiday lights and garlands from the attic. Grandpa supervised the job. He knew where all the decorations went and even offered his 1940 Ford pickup as scaffolding to help trim the highest point.'"
'The Gathering Place' by Dave Barnhouse
"The Gathering Place"
by Dave Barnhouse

Image Size
16" x 33"
1,250 s/n

$175 print
$390 framed print

email order form

"My neighbors, the Amish, have always fascinated me. I admire their strong work ethic, their creativity and their close sense of community. At the weekly auction livestock, quilts and handmade furniture changes hands. Perhaps more importantly neighbors share stories from the previous week."
David Barnhouse's "Tis the Season"
"Tis the Season"
by Dave Barnhouse

Image Size
14 " x 24"
1,250 s/n

$170 print
$335 framed print

email order form
This is the new Barnhouse Christmas print. 
Dave Barnhouse's The Skating Party
"The Skating Party"
by Dave Barnhouse

Image Size
16" x 27"
1,250 s/n

$175 print
$385 framed print

email order form
"A beautiful day for trying out the new Christmas skates with friends."
Dave Barnhouse's Home for the Holidays "Home for the Holidays"
by Dave Barnhouse

Image Size
12" x 24"
1,950 s/n

$175 print
$345 framed print

email order form

"Once again the family has gathered to celebrate the holidays with all the traditional activities. The ice has been swept and a small fire has been built for the skating party. The red Farmall Model M tractor will carry back the perfect Christmas tree that all will help to decorate. New arrivals, laden with gifts, are welcomed with open arms. The setting sun is a reminder that these winter days are short and even with all the holiday preparations, work on the farm does not stop."

One of Dave Barnhouse's Christmas prints would make a great gift choice for Christmas, Mother's Day, or as a birthday gift for a friend, relative or even yourself. What better way to bring back those fond memories of times gone by.

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