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Art Sites We Recommend

Art Resources

  • ArtLex - An Art Dictionary for artists, collectors, students and educators
    in art production, criticism, history, aesthetics, and education.
  • Words of Art - sponsored by the Department of Fine Arts, Okanagan University College.

Miscellaneous Art Sites

  • Nature's Artworks - Every product we feature is all about nature and the natural world.
    We are a small independently owned boutique company, and our notecards, stitchery kits, and limited edition prints are designed and produced in house, one piece at a time. Our
    artists come from a variety of backgrounds. We feature a certified biological illustrator, an artist who specializes in watercolors and classic Chinese paintings, and one whose love of sailing is reflected in his watercolors. We are pleased to be able to bring to you these talented craftsmen.
  • Judie Blomberger, Inc. - Judie's own self-taught style enabled her to become the true original in the genre of whimsical art for the home and garden. The humor and lightness found in her artwork is representative of Judie herself.
  • Birgit O'Connor's Art - Within the challenging media of watercolor, I am able to express my interpretation of Nature's unique beauty. I began painting landscapes and have enjoyed painting mist and valleys, homes and gardens. I found that my paintings reflected the way that I viewed the world - as from a distance. As I grew in my art, I became fascinated with the unusual, the odd little corners of a backyard, the world within the flowerbeds. I began studying the intricate details of these hidden places, like the layers
    of overlapping leaves and petals, the shadows and the water droplets. Retrospectively,
    I liken this to the increasing complexity of my own thoughts.
  • This web site participates in aRT wEB Community
  • NeT-ArT Spazio Virtuale di Arte e Comunicazione
  • Gallery Sites - is devoted solely to visual arts. Whether buying, selling, researching, or simply enjoying the creativity and beauty of art, make Gallery Sites your starting place.
  • Visit Frog Creations the wonderful world of dolphins and frogs, penguins and sharks, tropical fish, turtles and tigers. Enjoy the unique free screensavers and wallpaper and games. Check out the stunning t-shirts and java magic ... and much more!

Wildlife Art Sites

  • DakotaRidgeLimited.com - This is a new site featuring wildlife prints by the South Dakota artist, John C. Green. One of his new prints to be expanded in a series features the Weimeramer hunting dog.
  • Paradise Wild - Welcome to Paradise Wild’s unique selection of art, sculpture and home accents – all with an animal theme.
  • Wildlife Art - Wildlifeart.com is the premier Internet site for the wildlife art collector. The site contains hundreds of paintings, prints, carvings, and bronzes the viewer can quickly go to those works that are of interest to them, or, if they desire, view all of the works of a particular subject. In addition to wildlife art the site also contains closely related subjects. Also available is an excellent "Art Glossary."
  • Art of Africa by Sue Dickenson. She spends as much time as possible in the bush, observing and recording Africa's rich diversity of fauna and flora. Sue's artwork includes  wildlife painting safari, including original wildlife art, wildlife prints, portraits of Africa's people, South African postage stamps, painting demonstrations... and more.
  • Wild Speculation A gallery of wildlife, spiritual, fantasy, and science fiction art for sale by highly talented artists.
  • Leon Engelen oil paintings - Visit the art of Leon Engelen: photographically detailed landscape and animal oil paintings, using classical techniques. The site offers a valuable painting course, as well as an extensive virtual gallery.
  • RoyceArt: Marine and wildlife art by Royce B. McClure. An excellent site!

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