Country Art Presents

Terry Redlin's 2008
The "Master of Memories" Wall Calendar

2008 Redlin Wall Calendar - The Master of Memories

Prints included in the 2008 Redlin Wall Calendar - The Master of Memories

The link below for each month will take you to the large graphic for that print. 
Follow the link under the large graphic of the print to find the price, availability
and insight into what the print is about. Because some of these prints may be
of Redlin's early works, they may not be available. Contact Allen at
1-877-223-5721 for help if you're interested in one of these prints.

January - Winter Wonderland
February - Sharing the Evening
March - Spring Morning
April - Morning Rounds
May - Highlight of the Neighborhood
June - Morning on the Greens

July - Sunday Morning
August - Our Friends
September - God shed His Grace on Thee
October - Harvest Moon Ball
November - Family Traditions
December - Trimming the Tree

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Looking for a price? Price information is found next to the thumbnail. 
If you're on a page with a large print, follow the link
under the large print to the page with the thumbnail print.

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Or talk with Al at 1-877-223-5721

Redlin calendar     Sieve calendar

Yes, we do APPRAISALS of prints. However, there is a cost.
The first print is $35.00 and each print after that is $10.00.
Just give us some lead time.     Allen

We regret the need to raise our shipping costs.
Postage costs have steadily increased while we held the line on our shipping prices.
We no longer can. We need to add $5 for each framed print under $200
and $10 to the price of any framed print $200 and over. There is
no price change on an unframed print.

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